You are not ALONE…

Hearing specific words throughout life would give us almost a headache, TOEFL could be one of them! No matter how qualified you are, in order to get into that exceptional university or program you wish for all night long you have to pass with a good score. In the best scenarios, they obliged you to have at least 90. well, If there were some shortcuts for this matter I would definitely advise you to do instead of writing this post, but the fact is not always that pleasant. Though as Susane Colasanti once told “Even in a bad situation, there’s always a positive side. Even if you can’t see it yet.” 

It’s easier than it seems. All it takes is right steps to take and some courage. Presumably, this is not the first time you are hearing these tips and you are somehow fed up with them and already drowning in a huge pile of information. I have been there myself, I can feel the disguise and the helpless feeling of being lost by every inch of my body. I watched my friends going through the same stage while they asked me for help then, it got me thinking… What if there were a place or a person which could help me from the first step and guide me till the end. I sure as hell would take that offer !!

Why not me? I started writing to help not only my friends but also to help whoever reaches for help to achieve their dream. No matter where you stand or what your current level of English is, I believe it is possible as long as you have the required information, documents and a clear path to pave. In future posts, I’ll provide the answers to the frequently asked Questions regarding TOEFL exam.

Keep in touch, Keep dreaming and you will get there!



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