How to use TPO tests in your TOEFL preparation?

Ever heard of TPO tests before? Some people think it's the magic key to all of the problems concerning TOEFL.While I may not hold the exact same point of view, it's hard to neglect its prominent role.


Words Matter…!

Vocabulary is considered as the base of each language. How can you comprehend passages, understand conversations, improve your speaking skills, and write powerful essays when you're lacking the essential basics? Well, let me tell you. Words matter... mostly when we are talking about TOEFL.

Essential Resources to Take Down TOEFL

Already assessed all aspects of TOEFL based on your current conditions and probably chose the big date? Here is the next step: Choose the best resources to begin your journey! Ok, Ready?!

What To Know Before Taking TOEFL

If you are thinking about Taking a TOEFL exam in the months to come, there are several facts that you should know and consider before taking the first step.

You are not ALONE…

Hearing specific words throughout life would give us almost a headache, TOEFL could be one of them! No matter how qualified you are, in order to get into that exceptional university or program you wish for all night long you have to pass this nightmare with a good score. Here are some tips... !